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The trigger was a case of mild career dissatisfaction. I had an increasing sphere of responsibilities in my work, a boss that I respected and with whom I enjoyed working, and a team of folks working for me that were bright, capable, and committed. I was being asked to take one for the team however, and a change in my compensation structure made it highly unlikely that I would be able to continue the upward progression in my personal income to which I had grown accustomed. It was against this backdrop that my wife Sherrill and I began to contemplate what we wanted in a next phase of my career and our lives. I was drawn toward an opportunity to, pardon the cliché, be in business for myself, but not by myself. We also wanted to move to a smaller city in a cooler climate, with a moderate cost of living. Through research into franchise business opportunities I was concerned about things like high start-up capital requirements, a desire to not have to manage a cadre of part-time teenagers, and I questioned whether I would derive career satisfaction out of assembling submarine sandwiches, pizzas, or cherry limeades seven days a week. Then I stumbled across the PMD opportunity.

I opened my Clearance Center in September of 2007. As a PMD dealer I’ve learned to wear many hats: Finance, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Warehouse Operations, and Human Resources. As the president of a corporation with 1 employee (though Sherrill and my son Blake have been very helpful), I’ve had to do it all. That however is a bit misleading, which goes back to that "for your self but not by yourself" notion. Training systems, sales scripts, a powerful product merchandising distribution system, home office support, technologies, and a team of trainers/mentors/advisors, all of whom are or have been successful dealers themselves, are all a part of the PMD dealer’s life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take personal responsibility for my success, but doing so with the knowledge that there is a team of committed PMD leadership team members that are stakeholders in my success. During the course of the past year, I’ve had 11 opportunities to come together with other dealers through national conferences, home office training events, visits to experienced dealers’ clearance centers, and trainer/advisor visits to my own location. This list doesn’t even account for conference calls and 1-on-1 calls with trainers/advisors that occur during a dealer’s 1st year. Each of these events are instructive,

informative, motivational, and quite simply, they’re fun. I look forward to adding to this list some of the incentive trips that are made available to successful dealers and leaders within PMD. Going forward, I’ve targeted a 50% growth rate in income as my major goal for year’s 2 and 3 and I intend to qualify for the PMD President’s Club trip every year going forward. As long as I’m blessed with good health, I’m confident that these things will happen.


Greg from Cedar Rapids

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